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Fear-Free Grooming 

Providing Everything You Need


Our staple services. We keep your dog happy, relaxed and wanting to come back to us for more grooming. We speak 'dog' and we utilize the latest Fear-Free Force-Free methodologies to reduce fear, stress and anxiety in dogs. Our services start at $85. 


A la carte

A la carte Services tailored to your dog

Breed cuts for dogs of all sizes utilizing fear-free protocols. We do not place dogs in cage dryers, we dry them manually to reduce stress, fear and anxiety. We can handle dogs up to 150 lbs.

1 dog at a time only. Our services start at $85 but we will evaluate your dog in the meet and treat and give you a more approximate price based on size, complexity of coat and behavior. 


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Services specific to wirey coats and double coats like hand-stripping and carding allow the dog to maintain a healthy-shiny coat all year long. Hand-stripping is a special technique to help schnauzers, terriers, wolfhounds, griffons, spinones and many other dogs with wirey coats stay healthy and comfortable without itching.  Our services start at $115 per hour.


Brody smiling after his groom

All I can say is "WOW". When I rescued my dog, Brody, he was terrified of men, new situations, and wouldn't let anyone touch his paws. We worked on it with a trainer but unfortunately had several traumatic events at both P**** and P*** that left him unable to be brushed by anyone but me and unable to clip his nails without sedation meds at the vet, which always left him scared and out of it for a whole day afterwards. Then my friend suggested I try Kaiser pet care... From the very first visit I could tell this was going to be a much better experience. The staff is knowledgeable about all breeds, coat types, and was patient working with my pup. Now Brody runs to our door and hops in the car when I say "grooming time". When the staff come out to get him, he goes right inside after his pre-grooming belly rubs. We no longer have to sedate him, he doesn't mind having his nails clipped by them, and he looks so happy after every visit. I highly recommend them to anyone who may have skittish pups because their fear free techniques are absolutely amazing..

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