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Behavior Consultations 

Providing Everything You Need

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When you need us the most 

Training is not enough sometimes.

Behavioral science investigates why your dog reacts the way he does, as well as what triggers his response.  When we discover the reason, we can intervene and address the underlying cause and help your dog.

Training is not enough when your dog is experiencing big emotions, and can no longer control his impulses or behavior. This is when training fails, when we try to modify the behavior of a dog appealing to his rational side, and the dog is not capable of coping with such demands. We must first understand the underlying cause of your dogs' emotions. This is what differentiates us from regular training, in that we can go deeper to understand the root of the issue. 

To request a behavior consultation for your dog, start filling out our request form. We will follow up with a phone call after you have filled out your intake.  If we can take your case, we will set up your initial consultation. If we cannot help with the particular case, we will provide you a suited referral. Our behavioral consultations start at $425. 

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Fear, Stress, Anxiety

We have fostered dozens of dogs over the years and our personal dogs are rescues. We understand first hand that big emotions require more than a few cues and environmental adjustments. Dogs with big feelings need understanding, patience, and a wide variety of tools to access their emotional side. Fear is a powerful emotion and it can destroy a dog's life. Your dog does not have to live in fear, or have low confidence. We have very effective tools to help you enhance and improve his life. 

Our founder is a Certified Canine Behavior Consultant (CBCC-KA) the highest possible qualification to deal with dog behavior before becoming a Vet behaviorist. We do not prescribe medications, however if we consider you need the help of a vet behaviorist we will refer you to one in addition to providing you with the behavioral analysis of your case. 


501c3 Rescue Support  



If you are a rescue and have a rescue dog struggling with behavioral issues or need adopter support, you can request assistance by filling out our rescue behavior intake form to get started.  You must be a 501c3 rescue to access this service. 

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