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New Pup Training 

Providing Everything You Need

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New Puppy

New puppies see the world with fresh eyes, everything is exciting, everything is so interesting!  

We have the tools to help new puppy owners have life skills for the modern world, including loose leash training, habituation to the new home, potty training, crate training, re-call, basic cues for daily life, as well as a variety of resources to ensure your puppy becomes a well-rounded, happy dog. We only utilize positive reinforcement methodologies, and the most innovative European approach to dog training, including enrichment, nosework and play. If your puppy has not arrived, please do not wait as we have much information to share with you before. To enroll, complete our intake form and we will  be in contact. 

Our new puppy training includes 3 sessions starting at $425 all together. 

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New Rescue Dog

So you got your new rescue dog, and you are not sure about what's next? 

We have a solution, to help your dog feel more comfortable with his new situation, and to help him cope with life. Our new rescue training sessions help you become aware of the needs of your new dog, and provides you with new skills to be successful in welcoming your new family member.  Rescue dogs often have different needs than dogs that have only had 1 home. If they have been left at the shelter or bounced through different homes they may develop behaviors that may need more nurturing and care. The decompression stage is a critical aspect of a new rescue dog's life and we can help you and your dog adjust to this new situation from day 1.  

Please note that if you are about to get a rescue dog we advise you contact us right away as we have much information to share with you. 

The rescue dog training includes 3 sessions starting at $425 all together.  

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501c3 Rescue Support  

If you are fostering a pup through a registered 501c3 rescue, we offer 1 session in decompression for your foster dog which can be done in zoom, make sure to ask your rescue to fill out the rescue behavior intake form to get started. Once we connect with the rescue, we will be able to make arrangements and assist you. Please share this page with your rescue organization. 


If you are a rescue and have a rescue dog struggling with behavioral issues or need adopter support, you can request assistance by filling out our rescue behavior intake form to get started.  You must be a 501c3 rescue to access this service. 



We were fortunate enough to find them when our girl was a puppy so they’ve been working with her through their puppy package. She has fear aversion with her nails and bath from the breeder. They’ve been working with June to desensitize her and build positive associations with these and after only a few sessions, we’ve seen great improvement.

You’ll never have to worry if your pet is being cared the way you would want when they are at Kaiser. We are thankful to have found them and so grateful for how well they treat our girl.

10/10 recommend. Thank you, Kaiser, for all that you do. We’d be lost without you!

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