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Grooming-Training Blends

Providing Everything You Need

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The Puppy Package

Nothing like sharp scissors, noisy clippers and a moving target. Scary, isn't it? This is what grooming can be like if puppies are not trained. The biggest risk is that injury can occur, or the puppy will be too scared of grooming. Trauma may occur when puppies are young, as they are impressionable and sensitive to new experiences. We have all heard of stories of dogs unwilling to go to the groomer or vet for this reason. We observed dozens of very scared dogs through the years, and realized the need to help them to start right from the start. This is how the Puppy Package was born. Our force-free, positive reinforcement techniques encourage puppies to learn the best about grooming while getting groomed in the process. We utilize enrichment and play to help puppies understand they are safe.  This package is for puppies between 3 and 12 months old.  The puppy package starts at $135 and it includes 3 sessions.  


The Scaredy-Cat Package

This package is not for cats! This is the best solution for dogs that have not had the best grooming experiences before. When a dog has been in an uncomfortable situation, he is more likely to try to avoid scenarios that remind him of such experience. We have all heard of some dogs that refuse to go in the car, inside the vet office or the groomer.  Sometimes what is scary for a dog may be something we do not realize, however the trauma is still there. And it will make it impossible for a dog to agree to getting the nails filed, to allow water nearby, or to even be close to a blow-dryer.  

Our scaredy cat package allows dogs to overcome their fear of grooming over time, with fear-free methodologies, positive reinforcement only and very gentle handling. We utilize training methodologies such as habituation and counter-conditioning to help dogs recover their confidence in intimidating situations. Three separate grooming-training blend sessions utilizing positive reinforcement protocols to help your dog gain back the trust and confidence needed.  The scaredy cat package starts at $149 and it includes 3 sessions. 

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DSC00677 1.JPG

Yearly Pawdicures Package 

We offer the possibility of keeping your dog's paws in great shape all year long with our yearly pawdicure packages that start at $199 per year. We must meet your dog with a meet n treats prior to ensure your dog can cope with nails first.  If your dog is uncomfortable with nails, we will recommend a different offering more suited to their needs. 


Brody smiling after his groom

All I can say is "WOW". When I rescued my dog, Brody, he was terrified of men, new situations, and wouldn't let anyone touch his paws. We worked on it with a trainer but unfortunately had several traumatic events at both P**** and P*** that left him unable to be brushed by anyone but me and unable to clip his nails without sedation meds at the vet, which always left him scared and out of it for a whole day afterwards. Then my friend suggested I try Kaiser pet care... From the very first visit I could tell this was going to be a much better experience. The staff is knowledgeable about all breeds, coat types, and was patient working with my pup. Now Brody runs to our door and hops in the car when I say "grooming time". When the staff come out to get him, he goes right inside after his pre-grooming belly rubs. We no longer have to sedate him, he doesn't mind having his nails clipped by them, and he looks so happy after every visit. I highly recommend them to anyone who may have skittish pups because their fear free techniques are absolutely amazing..

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