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Meet N Treat Sign-Up

We are excited to help as many dogs as possible. Our Meet N Treat are a way to know you and your dog, and to offer you valuable advice about behavior, grooming, care, and dog essentials. There is no cost to our Meet N Treats, we just ask that you are punctual and that you bring your dog in a well fitted harness (no retractables).  

Maybe you can later join us as a member and bring your dog to us regularly, once we know what your pup needs. 

If you could not attend our last one, sign up to be notified of the next chance to meet us! 

*If your dog has an immediate need for behavior help (anxiety, reactivity, fear, aggression, leash pull, evacuation issues, compulsion) please fill out our behavior intake form directly as we need this information upfront. If you just got a puppy or rescue dog and want to start off right with all necessary tools for training and behavior, fill out our puppy/rescue intake form

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