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Our Offerings


Fear-free 'Pawdicure' packages for one dog or multiple dogs

Fear-Free Dog Grooming 

A la carte Services tailored to your dog

Breed cuts for dogs of all sizes utilizing fear-free protocols. We do not place dogs in cage dryers, we dry them manually to reduce stress, fear and anxiety. We can handle dogs up to 150 lbs. 

Carding and Hand-stripping

Services specific to wirey coats and double coats, which allow the dog to maintain a healthy-shiny coat all year long. 

Senior Dogs

Seniors require a little bit more patience, a little bit more assistance with certain aspects of grooming. We work with senior dogs, dogs of limited mobility and special needs dogs. We utilize our fear-free protocols and behavioral knowledge to help them feel safe during grooming.  

Puppy Training


Nothing like sharp scissors, noisy clippers and a moving target. Scary, isn't it? This is what grooming can be like if puppies are not trained. The biggest risk is that injury can occur, or the puppy will be too scared of grooming. Trauma may occur when puppies are young, as they are impressionable and sensitive to new experiences. We have all heard of stories of dogs unwilling to go to the groomer or vet for this reason. We observed dozens of very scared dogs through the years, and realized the need to help them to start right from the start. This is how the Puppy Package was born. Our force-free, positive reinforcement techniques encourage puppies to learn the best about grooming while getting groomed in the process. This package is for puppies between 3 and 12 months old.  

Fear-free 'Pawdicure' packages for one dog or multiple dogs

Single ingredient treats

We only use high quality single ingredient treats


This package is not for cats! This is the best solution for dogs that have not had the best grooming experiences before. When a dog has been in an uncomfortable situation, he is more likely to try to avoid scenarios that remind him of such experience. We have all heard of some dogs that refuse to go in the car, inside the vet office or the groomer.  Sometimes what is scary for a dog may be something we do not realize, however the trauma is still there. And it will make it impossible for a dog to agree to getting the nails filed, to allow water nearby, or to even be close to a blow-dryer.  

Our scaredy cat package allows dogs to overcome their fear of grooming over time, with fear-free methodologies, positive reinforcement only and very gentle handling. We utilize training methodologies such as habituation and counter-conditioning to help dogs recover their confidence in intimidating situations. Three separate grooming-training blend sessions utilizing positive reinforcement protocols to help your dog gain back the trust and confidence needed. 


New Members

We accept new members throughout the year for grooming and our grooming blends. Our 'Meet N Treat' allow us the opportunity to meet you and your dog and to evaluate what your dog needs. 

To arrange a 'Meet N Treat' please text us. We do not accept walk-ins and we plan well in advance for each dog.  We are located in Woodbridge, 

Learn more about our monthly Meet N Treats! 

Follow us on our Facebook for announcements on new Meet N Treats. If you would like to be notified of our upcoming Meet N Treat, sign up HERE.

For behavioral consulting, we will ask you to fill an extensive questionnaire to evaluate the current situation and how we can be of help. 

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The Puppy Package

The most gentle way for a puppy to learn about grooming and never be afraid of it. Recommended for puppies from 3 months old to 12 months old.  $135


When guided by a Certified Behavior Consultant CBCC-KA, problem behaviors in dogs can be greatly improved. Behavior modification begins with an initial two hour meeting to evaluate your situation, assess your dog's issues, and discuss your training goals. It's a deep dive into your dog's background and behavior. The evaluation includes a comprehensive follow-up report with your dog's customized training and/or behavior modification recommendations. 

Our practice is Fear-Free Certified, Force-Free and subscribing to LIMA principles. We are a member of the IAABC (International Association of Behavior Consultants).

CPDT Certified
Homemade Natural Soap

Our products are pure


Health is a priority to us. We only use natural, alcohol-free  products 

We will not crate them for 8 hours. We will not crate them period. 1 dog at a time only. 

We will only use quality plant-based shampoos on them.

We will train our canine specialists in gentle fear-free handling techniques.

We will not allow retractable leashes, that creates a safety risk.

We will discontinue service if we are in the presence of a shock collar/e-collar, dogs deserve better.

We will never force them to do anything they do not want to do or are terrified of. We respect their needs.

We will not place them inside of a cage with a loud dryer in fear. We will comfort them.

Everyone that works here signs an agreement to treat animals with dignity.

We will make a tiny difference in the world one dog at a time.

These values we have stood for since we began our practice since 2017, as vegans, as animal lovers and as dog parents. 


This is our pledge to them


What Dog Lovers Are Saying

Laura is amazing with our dog!! We’ve been going there for over 4 years. We aren’t going anywhere else!!

Karen Z.

The team genuinely cares about helping set your dog up for success so they are not only comfortable with grooming but also enjoy it. They are experts at what they do and it shows through their work and how excited our girl is always to see them. After lots of belly rubs, she happily trots inside. She also always looks like the same dog when she comes out, which isn’t always the case with some groomers.

Deja M.

Couldn't be happier with Kaiser. Laura and Markus are friendly and comforting with our dog. I highly recommend their grooming services for any breeds that require special care. We've started hand-stripping our Airedale and she looks like a new dog. Their knowledge of dogs and numerous breeds is helpful and their focus on organic and natural products is awesome.

Eric S.