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Solingen, Germany, 2014
walking a pup at the Tierheim (shelter)

Welcome Members!

We welcome you like family, friends, you are our tribe! Here you will find info that is only exclusive to you. We will share with you our very personal way of caring for dogs. You will learn a little bit more about us and  we trust this will enhance in some way the pampering you do for your dog too! 

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Walking the doggies in the shelter in Germany

Nuko is the name of the golden doggie in the picture. He had been rescued from Greece, where many dogs run as strays. He had no ears and was afraid of 'some' people.  He was adopted in Germany and we had the chance to visit him for months before that happened.  We would walk Nuko  (and a doggie he liked) every weekend at the shelter. Dogs in Germany only go to the shelter when someone passes or if they are rescued from other countries. Every dog and cat is microchipped so if they get lost they get returned to the owner. Only licensed breeders are allowed to raise dogs. 

The are no strays. Dogs are family and they  stay with the family forever.  

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